Discovering Membership

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This event is running from 25 April 2020 until 24 October 2020. It is next occurring on October 24, 2020 10:00 am

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Discovering Membership

Now that you are a child of God, you need a family to help you grow.  The first step in becoming a mature Christian is being joined in membership with a local church family.   It’s not enough to be a Child of God without a family because a child without a family is an orphan!

Discovering Church Membership, the first class in our Steps to Serving Series, is a great way to find out all about New Hope Fellowship – what our basic beliefs are, how our church is structured, what our strategy for reaching our community is and much more.  If you are new to New Hope or have been attending for a while, this seminar style class will help decide if we are the family for you and your family.  Attending is a great way to get to know us in a more intimate and non-threatening way.   It is the first class in a series of three designed to help move people from being on the fringes to the core of the action.

You sign up for the class by filling out our online membership registration by visiting our membership page.  There you’ll find some other interesting information about why you should become a member of any local church – not just ours!  Filling out the application in no way obligates you to become a member.  It simply tells us about you just like Discovering Church Membership tells you about us.

Snack and lunch will be provided.  (Another reason we need you to sign up!)  Feel free to inform us of any life-threatening food allergies so that we can make special arrangements if necessary.

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