Current Opportunities

Here is a list of the current ministries at New Hope Fellowship.  This list is by no means completed.  It is just beginning.  As New Hope grows and increases in size and scope, as well as maturity, we need this list to grow.  You might be the one to add one more ministry to the list! To find out more about how you can get involved in The Ministries of New Hope please visit our Steps to Serving page.


  • BUILDINGS AND MAINTENANCE: The team is made up of people who are good at building maintenance, mechanical and light carpentry things.  They work to keep NHF’s facilities in good and proper working order.  This team reports to the Deacon of Buildings.
  • CHILDREN’S CHURCH TEACHERS – ELEMENTARY: Bible learning classes of 1st-6th grades that include games, discussions of Bible stories and characters with applications to practical living.  This position required a background check.
  • CHILDREN’S CHURCH TEACHERS – PRESCHOOL: Classes that provide Christian principles for children from newborns to kindergartners.  This position requires a background check.
  • CHILDREN’S TEACHER’S AIDS: The members of this team serve as support staff to the Children’s Church Teachers.  This position requires a background check.
  • COLLECTION TEAM: This team takes care of counting, sorting, and recording all of the offerings from the weekend.
  • GROUNDS KEEPERS: Grounds keepers assist the Deacon of Grounds by adopting a plot of land to maintain and keep curb appeal.
  • HOPE GROUP HOSTS: Hosts provide a venue for their HOPE Group to meet. They coordinate refreshments for the HOPE Group Members.
  • HOPE GROUP LEADERS: A HOPE Group leader acts as a facilitator for New Hope’s small group ministry.  The person must be a good manager of conversation and time.  He must be able to care for individuals.
  • HOSPITALITY TEAM: The Hospitality Team members serve during the Sunday Morning Worship Event and all other events that have might have food. They function to provide and maintain refreshments as well as making those they serve feel as if they are honored guests.
  • MARKETING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS: This team is charged with analyzing and improving all written and visual communication that go out from NHF.
  • MEAL TRAIN: This team works to coordinate and provide meals to New Hopians and friends of New Hopians that develop a need due hospitalization, illness, deaths, etc.
  • NURSERY: The nursey workers are responsible for the care and support of parents of newborn children and infants up to preschool age during the Sunday Morning Worship Event. This position requires a background check.
  • OFFICE ASSISTANTS: This team functions as administrative support to the Pastoral Staff, Office Coordinator and other ministry team leaders.  They help with secretarial, clerical and other projects to help New Hope continue to be functional and fluid.
  • PRAYER (needed): The team that prays for and follows up on every specific prayer request that comes through the prayer request cards.  They help with coordinating all church prayer chains, prayer events.  Most importantly, they pray.
  • SCRUB SQUAD: The members of this team work to keep the New Hope Facilities clean and fresh throughout the week for those various groups that use the NHF facilities.  They keep the buildings clean on Sunday Morning as well.  They are also tasked with specialized cleaning projects.
  • TEEN MINISTRY: Those who serve on this team help to support the Teen Ministries Pastor by befriending New Hope Teens and teen guests.  They provide non-critical/judgmental ears and sounding boards for teens and their families as they navigate this current culture.  This position requires a background check.
  • TRUNK OR TREAT: A seasonal outreach team that provided safe, fun entertainment on Halloween Night for the surrounding neighborhoods of New Hope Fellowship.
  • VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL – CREW LEADERS: The summer outreach team that provides supervision and oversight to children who attend Vacation Bible School.
  • VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL – SET: The team of individuals who help design, build and maintain the Vacation Bible School set on the main stage.
  • VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL – STATION AIDS: The members of this team function as support for all other Vacation Bible School areas.   
  • VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL – STATION LEADERS: The summer outreach team that teaches and/or hosts differing learning stations and activity stations.  This team is responsible for teaching the curriculum.
  • WEBSITE MAINTENANCE TECH: This team works with the Marketing and Public Relations team to keep New Hopes Website up-to-date and current. This is not a design position.
  • WELCOME CENTER HOSTS (Needed): This team aids guests and visitors by answering questions about New Hope, the website, available resources and pointing people towards finding the answers to questions they have.
  • WELCOME TEAM: The welcoming team that warmly greets everyone who is on their way to the worship service with a hearty handshake and a huge hug.  These people give first impressions of friendliness, acceptance, and love to members, attenders, and visitors alike.  They hand out bulletins and assist people where needed before, during and after the service.
  • WORSHIP ARTS – AUDIO/VIDEO TECHNICIANS: A team who sets up and monitors the sound, lights, slide presentations and video recording for, during and after Worship events as well as other artistic and musical events.
  • WORSHIP ARTS – WORSHIP TEAM: The team of musicians and vocalists who help lead the Church in worship.

Vacation Bible School