Steps to Serving

Getting involved at New Hope is easy.   At New Hope we have a clear, three-step process that will educate you about New Hope, teach you to be the best disciple you can be, and let you discover where you can serve with fulfillment. We call this process Steps to Serving.

Our Steps to Serving series is a group of three classes specifically designed to aid a person to move to maturity.  The Bible teaches that the goal of all who would become followers of Jesus Christ is that they are saved to serve.  It also teaches that the job of the Pastors and Elders is to equip the saints for the work of service.  At New Hope, we endeavor to do just that – Equip, Encourage and Inspire.  That is just what Steps to Serving is all about.

Each step is a specially designed four-hour seminar style class.  The classes are meant to be taken in order and are offered on a quarterly rotation where each one is taught on a different month of that quarter.  If your times allows, you can take all three in just one quarter.  That’s the beauty of it.  You can progress at your own pace.  The quicker you take the classes, the quicker you can begin serving!

On the morning of your class you’ll be served breakfast, snacks and lunch because we recognize that your time is important to you.  Besides, what a better way to fellowship than with food!

Step #1: Discovering Membership

Discovering Membership is the first class in our Steps to Serving Series.  It is the best way to find out all about New Hope Fellowship – what our basic beliefs are, how our church is structured, what our strategy for reaching our community is and much more.  If you are new to New Hope or have been attending for a while, this seminar style class will help decide if we are the family for you and your family.  Attending is a great way to get to know us in a more intimate and non-threatening way.   This first step is designed to help move people from being on the fringes to the core of the action.

You sign up for the class by filling out our online membership registration by visiting our membership page.  There you’ll find some other interesting information about why you should become a member of any local church – not just ours!  Filling out the application in no way obligates you to become a member.  It simply tells us about you just like Discovering Membership tells you about us.

Step #2: Discovering Maturity

As the second class in our Steps to Serving Series, Discovering Maturity is meant to help you understand that once you have been “born again” into the family of God, you must mature.   We believe that discipleship is more than being ‘saved’; it is a lifestyle that can be characterized by 4 healthy habits that mature Christians make a point of practicing.  In this class, you will learn what those habits are along with some practical application steps to keep you motivated.

The prerequisite to this class is Discovering Membership.  If you have taken the Discovering Membership class and have signed the New Membership Covenant, you are free to enroll in Discovering Discipleship.

You can register for this class by using the contact us link and providing us with your name, contact phone and email address.  In the message field say, “I would like to be enrolled in Discovering Discipleship.”  That’s all you need to do!

Step #3: Discovering Ministry

Discovering Ministry is the third class in our Steps to Serving Series.  We believe that discipleship is about giving, just like Jesus.  Mature believers live a lifestyle that can be characterized by serving.   Everyone is uniquely SHAPEd by God to fill the needs in ministry.   In this in-depth class, you will focus on Five Personal Factors that will determine your personal SHAPE for ministry and how you specifically are designed to help build-up the Body of Christ.

The prerequisites to this class is Discovering Membership and Discovering Maturity.  If you have taken both of these classes and have signed the Membership Covenant and the Maturity Covenant, you are free to enroll in this third and final step.

You can register for this class by using the contact us link and providing us with your name, contact phone and email address.  In the message field say, “I would like to be enrolled in Discovering Ministry.”  Once you take the class, you’ll meet with a ministry guide that will help you discover your place in New Hope’s ministry.

You can check out how we are already serving you by clicking our Opportunities to Serve link.

There you have it.  New Hope’s Steps to Serving.  If you would like to find out more about our Steps to Serving series please feel free to contact us with any question you might have.  We would love to hear from you.

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