Women of New Hope

-Our Mission as Women-

To further the New Hopian Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Core Values by focusing on Women and Young Women within the church and beyond.

 -To encourage spiritual growth by helping women realize their identity in Christ. Teaching women their value in Him, their community, their home, and the world. 

-To give refuge and a place to be filled from the burn out in a demanding world. 

-To strengthen women from the emotional, physical, and spiritual storms that life brings.


-Up & Coming Events-

-Bunco Night

-B3 (Boutique, Bake Sale, Barter Sale)

-Spring Big Hat Tea Party

-Annual Women’s Retreat

-Christmas Extravaganza-

-Current Bible Studies-

Thursday Evenings at 6 pm

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-Interest Groups-

Women of New Hope Interest Groups were established to help women within similar seasons of life and with similar interests connect! They are encouraged to meet up at least every 6 weeks, and communicate between times! All are welcome!

Click any of the pictures on your cell phone to join in the conversation on the GroupMe app!


-General Women’s Group- 

A place for conversation and updates! Let’s all do life together!

-Meet Me on the Patio-

 A relaxed time of fellowship! Tea, Coffee, everyone brings a snack!  A great time to invite newcomers!


-Mom’s Group-

A Place for moms and their kids to get together and have some fun!Parks, Playdates, Date night swaps, and more!


-Craft Group-

Sewing, painting, crocheting, and more! All those who craft or would like to learn are welcome!

-Young and Fun-

A place for young women (17-25, pre-parent stage) to meet up and have fun with others in the same phase of life.  Outreach to other churches and the unchurched is a MUST!

-Freezer Meal Swap- 

Bring a bunch of one freezer meal, leave with a variety! Or organize an in-home Freezer meal build! This group will also be used to fill a freezer full of meals for those in need by each participant making one extra meal to donate!

-Fitness & Fellowship-

Hiking, biking, running, gym buddies, and more! If it’s exercise or adventure this is the place to be!

-Empty Nesters-

For women with teens on the run, or have had all kids fly the coop! Meet up, have some fun, and get to know those going through the same phase of life!

-Wise Women-

Find other women who get it the retirement life, have some fun, and support one another!


Vacation Bible School