Why become a member? 

Just as marriage is a long-term covenant before God to see each other through the good times and the bad, the sicknesses and the healthy times, so is membership with New Hope.  When a person becomes a member of New Hope it is more than a one-way commitment to this individual church body.  It is more than just saying we are committed to each other.  Membership with New Hope proclaims that we are vested in each other.  We expect things from one another and as much as humanly possible, we will work to meet those expectations together, relying on the Holy Spirit for the rest.

We are people committed to the development of healthy relationships giving each other permission to speak into one another’s lives.  New Hopians are real families and all that they are, good and bad, growing strong together to form one great big local family of God.  When a person joins New Hope we say, “We belong to one another.”

For a deeper understanding of church membership check out this teaching:  The Church & Membership


Want to become a member or just want to find out more about New Hope?

Thank you for taking an interest in New Hope Fellowship.  We’re glad that you have decided to find out more about us and what being a member of New Hope is all about.  In order to help us learn a bit more about you, please contact one of our pastors to schedule a time to meet and set up your discovering membership class!

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