What to Expect?

What’s the Service Like?
Our service runs about ninety minutes and is meant to be refreshing and uplifting, with music, prayer and an encouraging message straight from the Bible with practical application for your life, all in a relaxed atmosphere.

How will I Be Treated?
We know that every one of us comes to God with our mess and imperfections. Just like you, were all broken and fallen, but Jesus brings healing and hope. And since learning to follow Jesus is what we’re all about, we welcome you just as you are… just as He does! So if you feel like youre stumbling toward God, or like you don’t have it “all together”, then welcome to New Hope… you’re in good company here!

What’s the Dress Code?
There is no dress code here. Come as you are in anything from shorts and flip flops to a three piece suit. We focus on the inside, not the outside.

What’s the Music Like?
We feature a full praise band that seeks to create an atmosphere of genuine worship which reflects both our enthusiasm and gratitude for what God has done with a sincere reverence and awe at who He is. We feature a blend of musical styles that includes contemporary songs as well as hymns. Our emphasis is on providing an atmosphere conducive to worshiping God from the heart in spirit and truth regardless of style. The result is a tone that is sometimes powerful and energetic while at other times soft and subdued. You can sit, stand, sing, clap or be silent… just come as you are and feel free to be yourself!

Will I be Expected to Give?
No. While we are funded by donations, we want them to come from the heart and not from feelings of guilt or pressure; so we never pass a plate. If you really feel led to give, you can give online, at our electronic kiosk, or in a box in the back of the auditorium. While any donation you make is greatly appreciated and fully tax deductible, you will never be asked to give.

What if I’m Not Religious?
Religion is all about earning your way to heaven by doing good things. That’s NOT what the Bible teaches… we don’t need more rules, rituals and regulations, what we need is a relationship with Jesus! Our vision is to be a church that “un-churched” people love to attend, with an atmosphere of authentic love and acceptance. If you’ve never been to church before or have been let down by religion, then we think New Hope may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Vacation Bible School