Pastor Dennis Dimitrov

Though I grew up in a home with strictly Atheistic world-views, I felt as though I had always somehow known that God existed, though I knew nothing about Him. As I began to grow more interested in spiritual matters, I studied various philosophies and religions and was eventually drawn to studying the Bible.  After months of reading, I came to accept that the Bible was indeed God’s word to mankind and learned of the nature of God.  I also learned of my sin which separated me from Him along with my desperate need for reconciliation through Christ.  Eventually, I came to know and accept Jesus as my Savior.  From the time of my conversion I felt the strong calling to preach and teach the word of God and came to be convinced that serving as a pastor was God’s calling for me.

My wife, Jennifer, and I have been married for twenty-five wonderful years and have been blessed with four precious children: James, Hannah, Bethany and Lily.  Jennifer enjoys being a pastor’s wife, thoroughly loves children and has always been a beloved partner in ministry.

In the Summer of 2013, God called us from ministry in Nebraska to serve as Senior Pastor of New Hope Fellowship in Sierra Vista, Arizona.  Since being here, I have had the privilege of watching God transforming New Hope from just a few people to a thriving, healthy congregation that continues to grow in both faith and in number.

I feel blessed to live in the pleasant climate and beautiful topography available in Southern Arizona because of my love for camping, backpacking, shooting, fishing and just being outdoors.  In addition, I thoroughly enjoy studying Systematic Theology and Apologetics. Currently I am pursuing my D. Min. with a focus on Apologetics.  I can say without a doubt that of all the ministry opportunities that God has blessed me with over the decades, serving here at New Hope has been by far the most exciting, the most demanding, and the most rewarding.  I feel so blessed to be a small part of what God is doing through New Hope.

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