Pastor Timothy Fiorello

I’m from Jersey.  Born and raised.  It is where I met my wife, Amanda.  Raised as an Army Brat and having moved a lot, she often says that home is where your stuff is at.  She says that I’m her stuff.  Our stuff has increased to include a beautiful daughter, Samantha Joy, and a very hairy dog, Sheba.

We met one day when a mutual friend of ours, Vinnie, an old-time Doo-Wop singer from the Bronx, grabbed me by the arm one day as I preparing to lead worship and said, “Come ‘ere.  I want you to meet someone.”  So I obliged.  He took me to meet Amanda Kathleen, the prettiest girl you’ve ever seen (as her father likes to say), and said, “Tim, this is Amanda.  Amanda, this is Tim.  Bye.”  Then he promptly turned on his heels and walked away.  Talk about awkward!  After closing our mouths from the initial shock of being put on the spot, we exchanged some pleasantries and I retreated to the safety of my guitar that I had left way on the other side of the sanctuary, but not before noticing her necklace.   It was a heart with a simple, plain cross in the center.  For years, I had prayed to find a woman with Christ at the center of her heart and there she was in front of me!  The Lord truly answered my prayer by blessing me with Amanda.

We moved to Sierra Vista literally on the last day of December 2005.  We came to be care takers of some property that our family owned and so that I could attend Phoenix Seminary.  After 4½ years of commuting to Phoenix three days a week, I finally graduated with my Masters in Divinity.  We undertook replanting a failing church plant in Hereford, AZ during my last semester with great success.

Early on in life I rejected a call to the Priesthood in my late teens when my struggle with gender identity overwhelmed me, thinking that I was unfit for God.  Once in college I embraced an openly gay lifestyle which plunged me deeper into despair, drugs and sexual debauchery.  In my mid-twenties, when I had hit bottom and could not go any lower, I cried out to God and asked him to save me from myself and the death that was taking hold of me.  I began attending church with my Aunt and Uncle and discovered the God of Mercy and Grace.  Not too long after I began attending I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  I then became part of Day Seven Ministries where I received counseling and training to help others emerging from addictive lifestyles.

My passion for ministry is akin to the instruction the Lord gave Peter on the night the Lord was betrayed – Satan has desired to sift you like wheat but when you have turned again, strengthen your brothers.  It is my driving desire to see those in captivity develop a heart for God so that He would hear their prayers and restore them.

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