HOPE Group Study Guides

12-8-2019 Trials, Tests and Triumph HGSG

12-1-2019 Israel and Us HGSG

11-17-2019 When God Doesn’t Make Sense HGSG

11-10-2019 Our Place In God’s Plan HGSG

11-3-2019 Christianity – Why Believe HGSG

10-27-2019 The Fundamentals of Faith HGSG

10-20-2019 The Story of History HGSG

10-13-2019 God Created HGSG

10-6-2019 In the Begining, God HGSG

9-15-2019 The Interpretation of Scripture HGSG

9-8-2019 The Clarity of Scripture HGSG

9-1-2019 How & Why Was The Bible Written HGSG

8-25-2019 Can the Bible Be Trusted HGSG

8-18-2019 Why Membership Matters HGSG

8-4-2019 New Hope’s Principles HGSG

7-28-2019 New Hopes Practices HGSG

7-21-2019 New Hope’s Mission – How We Achieve Our Goal HGSG

7-14-2019 New Hope’s Vision – Our Ultimate Goal HGSG

7-7-2019 New Hope’s Purpose – Why We Exist HGSG

6-30-2019 Good, Better, Best HGSG

6-23-2019 But What About Him HGSG

6-16-2019 Faith, Family, and Fatherhood HGSG

6-9-2019 What’s Love Got to Do With It HGSG

6-2-2019 Faith, Failure, and Fish HGSG

5-26-2019 That You May Believe HGSG

5-19-2019 The Sent, The Spirit, and The Skeptic HGSG

4-28-2019 The Events of Resurrection HGSG

4-21-2019 Easter Changes Everything HGSG

4-14-2019 The Cross, The King, and The Crowd HGSG

4-7-2019 Reliance Religion and Regret HGSG

3-31-2019 Not of This World HGSG

3-24-2019 Dismissal, Deception, and Denial HGSG

3-10-2019 A Petition for God’s Priests HGSG

3-3-2019 A Petition for God’s People HGSG

2-24-2019 A Petition for God’s Plan and Praise HGSG

2-17-2019 The Perfect Priest’s Prayer HGSG

2-10-2019 Faith Fear and Hope HGSG

2-3-2019 Let Me Introduce My Father HGSG

1-27-2019 The Spirit’s Coming Conviction and Care HGSG

1-20-2018 Hatred Hostility and Hope HGSG


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